The free Aware Outdoors mobile app shows you where the active Iridium satellites are from your location, allowing you to send and receive messages more quickly.

Iridium satellites are used by ZOLEO, Garmin inReach, SpotX, Somewear Global Hotspot and Bivy Stick devices to send and receive messages. The satellites are in near-polar orbits, traveling overhead south or north. By design, at least one satellite is visible above the horizon at all times, anywhere on earth, but that doesn't mean your device can communicate with it: the plants and terrain around you can block the radio signals.

App view of satellite locations

Using the Aware Outdoors mobile app, you can find which directions the satellites are now and in the near future. If a satellite is blocked by a hill, you can walk until the view is clear. Or if you're enjoying lunch in the shade, you can find out when a satellite will be in your field of view.

View of sky partially blocked by hills and trees

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